The Company

Clunk is a Bristol-based storage, studio and support business focussed on meeting the needs of clients in the marketing, experiential, PR and events industries.

Founded and owned by SXS, Clunk’s development is based on our observations over the past 15 years of being in the Events business.  We believe that we can fulfil all the requirements of companies operating in these sectors.  Most clients are London-based where large amounts or flexible spaces are unaffordable and hard to find.

As a Bristol-based operation we offer excellent value for money, as well as having access to one of the UKs most dynamic cities which brings so many benefits both business-wise and socially.

SXS is one of Europe’s leading event production and engineering companies which provides services and facilities to high-end and demanding projects all over the world.  For more info click here.  Clunk offers symbiotic and streamlined services alongside SXS.  This inevitably  helps reduce client costs, reduce lead times and increase project flexibility and empower our clients to do more within their budget.

When you become a Clunk Client you gain access to an very wide choice of resources, talent, tooling, equipment, space and project flexibility.

Clunk is a trading name of SXS Events whose details can be found here:  www.sxsevents.co.uk/details